Twice a year, all of OnNet employees go to book store together and enjoy selecting books what they want to read. After book store, amazing group dinner party is waiting for them. Beside the Book day, we support the expense of job-related book purchase at any time.
In the spring and fall, OnNet’s employees go on a picnic to the nearby Seolleung Park to relax and enjoy delicious lunch and beautiful weather.
The CEO treats employees, whose birthday is in the same month, to delicious lunch. And all employees gather and have a birthday party for them.
Every third Friday of each month, every employee cleans and reorganizes their work area in the afternoon. Small gifts are rewarded to employees who have cleaned and redecorated their desks nicely.
For creative corporate culture, all employees stop working and have time for creative thoughts on every first Friday of each month.
Every employee is given a certain amount of Wellness Points which they can use for selective activities: self-development, physical training, travel, or cultural activities.
To improve the global competitiveness of its employees, OnNet supports all forms of English education via the phone, institutes, or the Internet.
To improve the capacity and career improvement of its employees, OnNet supports job training seminars and programs.
OnNet provides nationwide condominium rental services to increase the life standards of its employees and their friends and families. (Available Condominiums: Daemyong/Tobis)
Our leisure lounge is equipped with a refrigerator full of refreshments and has various game consoles for our employees.
We encourage our employees to form and enjoy club activities together, which can contribute to their communication, self-development, and work motivation.
We provide additional vacation days to new employees who have not qualified for standard vacation and personal days: 2 days in the first 6 months and 3 days in the later 6 months of the year.
To thank our long-term employees, we provide travel certificates and a gold key which they can use to spend valuable time with their family and friends.
For special occasions—weddings, new births, and funerals, we provide additional paid vacations, allowances, and flowers to send our congratulations or condolences.
We support health checkup fees for employees at certain ranks, and provide flu shots for all employees.
We select and reward a most distinguished employee every month.
We provide home and personal loans to our employees to support their financial stability and house purchase.
We allow our employees to own our company stocks for their wellness and investment for the future.
In compliance with Korean labor laws, we provide 4 national insurances, vacation and personal days, pension, and health checkups.