2015. 11. Appointed Tony Tae Young Kim as CEO
2015. 09. Acquired by WEBZEN Inc.
2015. 01. Entered the final test for Winning Putt
2014. 05. Entered the 2nd Closed Beta test for Winning Putt
2014. 01. Announced the development of Winning Putt M
2013. 12. Entered the 1st Closed Beta test for Winning Putt
2011. 06. Shot Online became an official sport in GNGWC2011
2011. 04. Launched the Game Portal service(Gamescampus) in Korea.
2011. 04. Established OnNet EA
2011. 02. Contract Korean/English publishing license of "Secret legacy"
2011. 01. Contract Korean/English/German/Japanese publishing license of "Carte"
2010. 06. Established OnNet(Japan)
2010. 05. Shot Online became an official sport in GNGWC2010
2010. 05. Established OnNet EU
2009.05. Announced the development of Project TGO.
2009.04. Sponsored the Shot Online Amateur Golf Championship.
2009.04. Shot Online became an official sport in GNGWC2009.
2009.03. Divided into two corporations: OnNet for gaming and OnNet MNS for               media business.
2009.03. Contracted with the Dancing Fighter celebrity gaming team for Shot               Online sponsorship.
2008.10. Launched the official Shot Online service in France and Spain.
2008.05. Shot Online became an official sport in GNGWC2008.
2008.04. Launched the Shot Online simplified Chinese version.
2008.02. Launched the Shot Online traditional Chinese version in Hong Kong and               Taiwan.
2008.05. Transferred the Enppy (Entica) publishing rights to OneAppleTree Co.,               Ltd.
2008.05. Launched the Qpang open beta service in Korea.
2007.12. Launched Shot Online in Hong Kong and Taiwan. (Publisher:               GameCyber)
2007.12. Launched the Qpang global service. (Publisher: OnNet USA)
2007.11. Shot Online was selected as an official e-sport by Korea e-Sports               Association.
2007.10. Shot Online became an official sport in the G-Star Game League.
2007.06. Introduced Qpang in Anime Expo 2007, California USA.
2007.05. Launched the Naaroo blog search engine service.
2007.05. Shot Online became an official sport in GNGWC2007.
2007.05. Launched Shot Online in German. (Publisher: gamigoAG)
2007.04. Contracted with KT WiBro Mobile Fish for the My Web services in both               the mobile and PC versions
2006.11. Joined G-Star 2006 as an independent participant.
2006.04. Shot Online became an official sport in GNGWC 2006.
2006.01. Established OnNet USA.
2005.09. Launched the official Shot Online service independently in Korea.
2005.07. Launched the Egloos Garden service.
2005.07. Launched Shot Online in Australia. (Publisher: OnGameNet)
2005.04. Released 3D Shot Mobile Golf School exclusively for KTF.
2004.11. Launched the Can Shop (Entica Shopping Blog) service.
2004.11. Launched the Shot Online global service. (Publisher: OnNet USA)
2004.09. Held the Shot Online Korea and Japan tournament in Tokyo Game               Show.
2004.06. Launched Shot Online in Japan. (Publisher: Excite Japan)
2004.05. Launched the Egloos PDF digital publication service.
2004.04. Launched the Shot Online open beta service.
2003.12. Launched the Egloos blog service in Japan. (Publisher: Excite Japan)
2003.11. Held a press conference to introduce Shot Online.
2003.11. Contracted with SBS Golf.com for the Shot Online publishing service.
2003.06. Launched the Egloos blog tool.
2003.01. Contracted with Thailand Loxbit for the Avatar Solution               service.
2002.08. Contracted with Tokyo TT-Net Cafe Star for the Avatar Solution               service.
2002.06. Released Ad For You 3.0 in a 30,000k impression version.
2001.09. Provided the Club For You solution to Europe’s number 1 ISP Tiscali.
2001.06. Provided the Club For You solution to Yahoo Korea Kids.
2001.04. Entica’s number of members reached 1200,000.
2000.09. Contracted with Excite Japan for the Club For You service.
2000.09. Selected as one of 100 Excellent Venture Businesses from the first               Hankyung Hot Venture Awards.
2000.08. Established a branch in Tokyo, Japan.
2000.03. Released Club For You in a Unix version.  
1999.10. Selected as one of Korea’s 100 Venture Businesses.
              (The Ministry of Information and Communication)
1999.05. Received the Entertainment award in the Life category with Star For               You from Chosun Ilbo’s first Internet Awards.  
1998.09. Joined the government’s Industrial Technology Development project               for the Gaming Infrastructure Development area.
1998.09. Launched the Star For You virtual stock trading solution service.
1997.11. Selected as a business whose members are eligible for military service               exemption. (Korean Military Manpower Administration: No. 205)
1997.08. Partnered with High Telecommunication for online game development.
1997.04. Established a company annex research center.
1997.03. Launched the Ad For You commercial solution service.

1996. 08. Established OnNet Co., Ltd.